Overfield Follow-Up

I have received some off the record information about the interplay between the City, the Humane Society and the Animal Foundation. Suffice it to say that there is more than meets the eye here, and I think we'll learn more in coming days.

That is a separate issue from the removal of Ms. Overfield from the meeting. We have the Mayor's response:

Geeguy, had Susan Overfield requested more time in a civil fashion, I would have given it to her. Instead, I believe her words were, "NO, you are going to hear this!"

I reiterated the three minute rule before opening the public comment period. And she chose to ignore it.She was belligerant [sic] and combative, as well. Again, had civility prevailed, there would have been no reason to remove her.

I don't know what else I can say.

At least not in three minutes. (That was a joke.)


Anonymous said...

What exactly does belligerant mean ms. mayor? Did you go Dan Quayle's school by chance?

p.s. when typing, the red line under the word generally means you better check the spelling.

Anonymous said...

You know, on the video it sounded like Ms. O was civil. She was passionate, but civil. Until, as I noted in another post:

When Ms. Stebbins forced Ms. Overfield to stop speaking about alleged improprieties in the bidding process it appears she was able to use Ms. Overfield's temperament to deflect attention from city connections influencing the $330 thousand GFPD bid.

It is possible Ms. Stebbins is rather clever to have exploited the situation.

Anonymous said...

...and then Queen Dona waved her arm and shreiked "OFF WITH HER HEAD!"

Anonymous said...

And lest we forget, is THAT really the best way for a copper to diffuse a situation? Drag a speaker at a full run outta the run and into a wall? I think that BOTH the police AND the mayor need some sensitivity training! I mean, couldn't the ENTIRE incident have been handled in a better, more professional way? Why is violence the first tactic of the PD in the FIRST place? Shouldn't the use of force be commensurate with the offense? Or, are ALL lawbreakers, regardless of their crime, considered fair game for an arse whompin' by the PD? I don't get it.