There are many comments lately expressing frustration with the operation of our local government (I would guess that these folks are at least as frustrated with State and Federal government, but all politics is local). You can read some of those comments here and here.

Early on in her political career, our Mayor frequented this blog. While she still shows up at David's place, her comments there are rarely substantive. She has been back here once in a while, but whether due to lack of time or otherwise, she rarely joins in the debate.

So, why not, Mayor? Surely you have a few hours available in the next week or so to engage some of these commenters and tell them why their conspiracy theories are full of baloney. Update us on your thoughts about the coal plant and why you think it is good for our community. Tell us what you have learned on the 'inside' that dampened your suspicion toward the power that our City Manager wields. I'll say "please."



Anonymous said...

How about public financial disclosure ms. mayor?

a-fire-fly said...

I will also add a "please".

Anonymous said...

I'll say "please." too.


Anonymous said...

Pretty please, with 1.4 million cherries on top.

WolfPack said...

Geeguy- Would you guarantee her honor safe passage? Why would any commissioner submit themselves to the abuse they are guaranteed to receive here? I’ve been labeled a nut by some for scorning a woman who assaulted a police officer at a commission meeting. Her actions seemed extreme to me but to a growing number of posters this is rational behavior. I don’t buy into the idea that if you feel frustrated it’s OK to punch or make unsupportable accusations against the people you disagree with. Sounds kind of like a speech I give frequently to my kids.

The coal plant issue is clearly at the heart of the hyper-emotion that drives many to hysteria. Instead of focusing on what really bothers them they begin to see corruption and misdeeds in every action of our local government. As an example, this has led some to actually say out loud that they think there is a conspiracy to bring down the HSCC as a means of grabbing power. Who is so powerless that they actually want to wield the power of the dog catcher to satisfy their appetite for control? It’s certainly reasonable to disagree with the city’s methods but why is it so hard to see that the mayor, Animal Foundation or whomever may actually be motivated by concern for the animals. Some don’t see this because they have vilified their opposition to the point that all actions or statements seem justified against the Great Satan.

I to wish Stebbins would write here at length about the rational behind commission actions. This is what made her attractive as a candidate two years ago. I don’t however see this happening unless she can be given assurances that there will be a reasoned and civilized discussion of the issues. This would require many of the anonymous posters and LK to use discretion and treat the mayor with respect but they have already gone on record saying they have none for her. What reason would she have to take an unchecked ass kicking from people who clearly could not be made friends or at least non-haters? Could you implement some version of the 3 minute rule?

Anonymous said...

One must earn respect. The falsehood of respect for office is like the kings new clothes. "Isn't it ohhh! Isn't it ahhh!

You earn respect by keeping your word. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Dona Stebbins, you had your chance and have lost my vote.


WolfPack said...

That's exactly my point. Mayor Stebbins you have been warned by TL to stay away or prepare to be flamed.

Anonymous said...

"Geeguy- Would you guarantee her honor safe passage? Why would any commissioner submit themselves to the abuse they are guaranteed to receive here?"

Abuse? Wolfpack when your boss asks you a tough question about your job performance, do you feel abused?

We the people, it's what separates us from the banana republics of the world.


Anonymous said...

The Mayor ran a populist campaign which as I recall included a plank in her platform of firing the City Manager. It got her elected, then what happened?

Anonymous said...

Then what happened? A visit to Lawton's camp.

I recall her campaign statements made in the Tribune circa 2005.

Stebbins also hopes to rescue Great Falls residents from what she sees
as a closed club at city hall.
"The commission and the mayor pretty much rubber-stamp everything he wants to do," Stebbins contends.

Stebbins said she is cautiously optimistic about winning the race,
given voter unhappiness in the city.

"Right now, they feel disenfranchised," she said.

Your words are crystal clear today madam mayor. People may forget but you can't hide from the Internet. Thank you Zoominfo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah....a plank in her platform of firing the City Manager. It got her elected, then what happened?

Anonymous said...

A very hollow plank at that. Funny how short their memories are. Maybe not as short as the voters.

Anonymous said...

Dona came down with smarterthanyouitis. It is a strange disease that seems to afflict all City Commissioners within months of taking office. Haven't you noticed how smart Diane JK is now? She used to be just a bar owner; now she can tell all the bar owners what they can and can't do.

I think it is something that John Lawton puts in their soup.

They don't need to listen to you unwashed citizens (at least the ones they dont agree with). They are smarterthanyou.

Anonymous said...

Great Falls has a variety of bureaucrats who got a little power and became smarterthanyou.

All cannot be blamed on Mr. Lawton... but the soup line was funny.