Mitt Romney

Romney on Clinton:

"Hillary Clinton just gave a speech the other day about her view on the economy. She said we have been an on-your-own society. She said it's time to get rid of that and replace that with shared responsibility and we're-in-it-together society," Romney told the crowd. "That's out with Adam Smith and in with Karl Marx."


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Add this to Obama's plan to teach sex education in kindergarten.

At the rate we're going, we are going to out Canada, Canada. Sharia law is looking better all the time.

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You must learn to live with Communism and to give up your ideas about national sovereignty.

Ignore the scores of millions who have met death or imprisonment by tyrants steeped in principles of Marxism.

Surrender of your freedom, your sovereignty and do it willingly.

Hillary, Goddess of Higher Power knows what is best for you.

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Lenin accepted most of Marx's thought without alteration. He prided himself upon his Marxist orthodoxy, attacking any new idea that struck him as heretical. But probably his greatest hatred was reserved for the so-called Revisionism of Bernstein and other avant-garde socialist intellectuals who admitted, among other things, that contrary to Marx the absolute living standard of workers had vastly improved under capitalism.

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I liked Hillary when she talked about baking chocolate chip cookies. Once she opened her mouth to talk politics she lost me.

Remember Vince Foster?