A local after-care crew cleaned up all the graffiti at the Riverside Railyard Skate Park. I appreciate their hard work.

The director of the crew said he "knows it's likely, though, that the graffiti will return soon. "I'm sure they'll be back tagging it in the next few days," [he] said. However, he thinks if his crews keep attacking the graffiti with the sandblaster, eventually the vandals will get tired."


How about the vandals get caught?

Does anyone else remember that the City spent $33,000.00 on a surveillance system? Where's Big Brother when you need him?


Anonymous said...

The money went for an 80 inch plasma screen in the training room. You know, so they could watch skateboard movies and study nocturnal habits of the elusive graffiti artists.

On the bright side, they also use it for training the plainclothes PD to catch time bandits at the commission meetings.

a-fire-fly said...

Big Brother was on a coffee break, and the vandals sneeked in and vandlized the surveillance system that was supposed to catch them.

If they put up a fence, do you think they will notice when/if holes get cut in it?