John Angry Should Read This

Below I note that I believe John Angry's (formerly "Shut up and leave") comments about Muslims spurred the City Commission to try to outlaw "racist" comments in Great Falls.

John should read Mike Adams' latest column:

This notion of preventing “offense” by forcing people to relinquish their First Amendment Rights is itself offensive.


Anonymous said...

Nice thought, trying to outlaw racist comments. But very, very impractical. But I, too, am wondering just how big a problem this really IS at city council meetings? I have lived all over the state. And for the most part, because of the diversity of our population due to the military base, I have found GF to be the most tolerant city in Montana that I have lived in. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there's sumthin' about our city govt. that brings out the ragin' racist in people. I dunno. (maybe someone insulted that snowman I saw at the anti-coal plant demonstration!!)


GeeGuy said...

Frankly, I think people have the legal right to be racist.

Is that a good thing? No, it's a terrible thing.

Can they act on it? Not in most ways.

Can they think it and say it? Absolutely.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The 'discriminatory, racist and inciting violence' provisions another 'diversion' to put dissenters in a 'bad light', inferring dissenters are 'violent, racist and discriminatory'....
There's a darn good reason the First Amendment IS the 'first' amendment.......you can't yell
fire in crowded theater, but we can still ask city commissioners 'hardball' questions - and expect answers.

Anonymous said...

"but we can still ask city commissioners 'hardball' questions - and expect answers."

What city are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

The mayor, city commissioners,et al, regardless of the amount of pay, work for the citizens.

We may ask ANY question of them we want and expect an honest, complete answer. As their boss we have the right to know what they are doing and how it will effect our business (the business of living in GF).

As their boss, should they not do their job, not answer our questions, then they are not doing the job we hired/elected them for and should be "fired."

An employee does NOT define the rules. Does not tell the boss what questions may be asked of him/her.

Forget the 5 minute rule, forget the imposed restrictions. Ask the questions and demand the answers.

Too many people are trying to use the few who speak at great length during meetings. Let them speak until finished. That's democracy. They'll speak, get it out of their system, feel better for it and that'll be the end of that.