Another invitation to candidates?

I was informed this morning that the Tribune sought written responses to their Candidate Questionaire. I have also been informed that the Tribune has asked the candidates to limit their responses to 150 words or less.

If a candidate edits his or her responses for publication, that is certainly reasonable. Alternatively, I am more than happy to post the candidates' complete responses regardless of length (well, within reason). Candidates, if you want your responses posted, just email them to me.

So, here is Mary Jolley's complete response to the question "Why me?"

"We need a Commissioner, at least one, just like me. I am a Certified Financial Planner, I work on behalf of abused and neglected children as the Board Chair of the Casa Guardian Ad Litem Program, I volunteer through my church visiting homebound parishioners and I regularly attend city meetings. I've seen the misadventures our city is in because the present commissioners asked no questions. It is imperative that a commissioner delve into details before voting on ordinances and resolutions. If commissioners are presented only one side of an issue, some independent research is in order. "There is no risk" or "there is no downside" are not realistic responses. We need a "real" budget. At present we allow the City Manager to move funds in and out of accounts and designate others to do so. I think city leaders have lost track of what its residents expect from their local government. If the residents pay for studies on issues, at least one commissioner should read them Why is the city getting into things they need studies on in the first place, keep it simple. Fewer incursions into what is best left to the private sector would be something I would advocate. I will be more than willing to state my reasons for my votes. Public input will be welcome. We need a commissioner who wholeheartedly believes in OPEN GOVERNMENT. With few exceptions the word private should never be used in connection with the City of Great Falls. Any employee who has access to documents, emails or any other paperwork at the Civic Center should provide copies to any resident or reporter who asks for them. If an employee does not do so they should not work in city hall. The city should do nothing that is not in the best interests of the residents."


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Ed Mcknight said...

No nonsense excellence! Way to go Mary.

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Short and to the point. Mary, you have my support.

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Ditto, ditto, and ditto.

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