Power Contracts

The Tribune reported yesterday that Electric City Power has signed up a number of new customers.

I called City Staff yesterday seeking a copy of the contracts.

I was informed that the contracts have been signed by the customers, but not by Coleen Balzarini. Ms. Balzarini is on vacation until this Sunday, at which point she will return and then sign the contracts.

I will then be provided with copies on Monday, October 1.


Anonymous said...

Can a Department Head sign contracts?

GeeGuy said...

If the authority to bind Electric City Power has been delegated to Coleen Balzarini by the Board of Directors then, yes, she can sign the contracts.

mary jolley said...

Mayor and Commissioners and I were told on Wednesday that the contracts would be on the City web site on Friday - today.

I haven't looked yet. They were to be in the regular Friday packets provided to our present commissioners. Perhaps they could pass along a copy of theirs. Also Ms Patton told the commissioners that if they had any questions they could ask Colleen or John on Monday. The meeting is on Tuesday night, they will be asked to vote yea or no. Be nice if they voted HELL NO.

Anonymous said...

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