Coal to Liquids

The Tribune reported this morning that our Congressional delegation is proposing a coal to liquid plant at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

I was fortunate to be able to speak briefly with Rep. Rehberg about this issue this morning. I asked him whether this proposal was coordinated with the coal plant people, either SME or the City of Great Falls.

He indicated that he was not aware of any specific discussions, but that this coal to liquid idea has been discussed for a number of years. While the focus has always been on re-opening the runway to obtain a new flying mission, since the runway had been closed pursuant to BRAC, we face an uphill battle. "It is almost impossible to 'un-BRAC' something," he said. He does not want to "gut shoot" the Highwood Generating Station, though, so he hopes for some coordination.

As another interesting suggestion, though, he suggested that it is possible that the coal to liquid facility, if built, would be a co-generation facility that might provide electricity to the City of Great Falls if the Highwood Generating Station is not built. I am not sure if he is aware that the HGS will not supply power to the residents of Great Falls, but I am following up on that.

Finally, he pointed out that if anyone supports the plant "provided there is carbon capture," such a condition is essentially a "poison pill" for the plant because everyone knows that the technology just isn't there yet.

That's an interesting observation in light of SME's 'promise' to institute carbon capture technology. Even a coal advocate suggests that SME's 'promise' is pie in the sky.

Congressman, I appreciate your candor.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you hang out the stupid sign over the city.

How about a nice hazardous waste incinerator and a dump to go with? We could put Emile, Alabama out of business and generate huge income. We got the land and the country has got the waste.

Come Johnny expert, another hot business opportunity for the city. One more before you go!

Anonymous said...

I have been saying for 2 months that HGS will never be built. Larry and Stu have something new to scream about.


Anonymous said...

"scream"??? I don't consider opposition to a massive environmental crime to be "screaming". I guess that you would consider Gee Guy to be a screamer also then. And you see, I would gladly provide you a copy of the CD showing Stuart's testimony before the city council. I watched it, and the ONLY person I saw on that CD that was screaming was our illustrious mayor, who was nearly out of control while sicking Dorky's dogs on a citizen for using the word "doubltalk". Now, I would challenge ANYONE to use the word doubletalk in a sentence in such an offensive manner that it required arrest! Can't be done. Yet somehow this is was constitutes an arrestable offense in the tiny little minds of jonny lotten, primadonna, and the dorky dogs! You see, this is NOT the type of city govt. that I want, and I will work to remedy that.