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Ms. Lisa Kunz
City Clerk
City of Great Falls
Civic Center
Great Falls, MT 59401


Re: Electric City Power

Dear Lisa:

In the City Commission meeting this past Tuesday, Coleen Balzarini said the coal plant developer, Southern Montana Electric Generation & Transmission Cooperative, has agreed to make a payment in lieu of taxes to make up for the lack of annexation.

Please produce a copy of that agreement. With all due respect, I would hope that it will not take in excess of two weeks to respond to this request.

Enclosed please find my check for amounts owed thus far.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...


Do you mind going back through some of your posts to attach them to appropriate labels?

It helps some of us research information faster and helps those just joining follow the trail.


Anonymous said...

Geeguy, you are getting lousy disinformation for your money.

Just send me your cash and I will give you an instant sorry ass response! Guaranteed within 24 hours, even on weekends and holidays.

I can also write responses on toilet paper since it seems like this is how business in documented in Great Falls.

I gladly take Paypal. Let me know.