Confidentially Speaking...

The Tribune had this little blurb in the paper today about the Airport's Confidentiality Agreement:

[The Airport Authority was] told by Airport Authority Chairman Ben Ives that a controversial confidentiality agreement, under which boardmembers are required not to divulge confidential information, won't be enforced until the authority's attorney clarifies some points.

Meanwhile, Ives said, certain information about legal matters and airport prospects will not be given to board members. Authority member Jeff Mangan, a critic of the confidentiality agreement, questioned whether it was legal for Ives and airport staff to withhold information.


'We won't enforce the Agreement, but in the meantime we're going to keep secrets from our own Board?' Aren't they charged with managing the Airport for our benefit? Can we really expect the Board to do its job well if certain information is being withheld?

Who is deciding that it is more important to keep secrets for someone's benefit, than it is to allow the Board to perform its statutory duties? Who is making these calls?

And I agree with Mangan: Can this possibly be legal?


Anonymous said...

Nothing about the authority is a surprise considering the fact that they held a public meeting yesterday after informing the County that it was cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Since when does being legal apply to our city government? They make their own law and there is nothing you can do about it.

What about the Humane Society? Wheres the plan?

Anonymous said...

Who is the boss of who here? The Airport Director works for the Airport Authority Board...not the other way around!! And the Chair of the Board has what sort of unilateral authority?? He just gets to decide matters all by himself?? I dont think so.

No disrespect to the chair, or the Director, who does a remarkable job, but...GEEZ!

Exactly WHO is telling this board how they are or are not going to conduct their business??

THIS IS NUTS....what the hell is going on?