Then Don't Come

Life is all about rules.

For all of you debate naysayers, give it a rest and grow up. GeeGuy, David at GreaterFalls and the others did NOT have to sponsor this event. I’m sure GeeGuy could find other worthwhile causes for his $400.00. They are trying to do a community service here. What are you doing besides complaining and finding fault? As far as I know, this is the only opportunity any of the candidates have been given to address the public and promote their platforms. The fact that a couple of them have criticized the rules pretty much indicates to me they don’t really appreciate the opportunity they’ve been given and neither do you. If they or you don’t like the rules, don’t come.


Anonymous said...

Good Show !!¡¡

Anonymous said...

Hey, you got a sponser!

Anonymous said...under Debating the Debate

I will put up the entire $400 fee for the building use for the debate, will accept GeeGuy as moderator, but I want a true town hall debate; No entry fee, no question fee,allow questions from the floor, anyone can ask any question when called upon. Call me: 965-3013,Ric Valois, The Tree Man

3:03 PM, September 26, 2007

Anonymous said...

There you go, true democracy, true debate. Anyone can participate. Anyone can question. Let him sponsor it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it does not need to be pointed out to Gee Guy (or David either), that no matter what good intentions one might have, no matter how much thought, planning, and consideration one can put into something to try to stimulate something positive, opposition and criticism will ensue.

Let this be a reminder, although its likely an un-necessary reminder to Gee Guy and David, what it must be like to be a well intentioned elected offical. Sometimes, believe it or not, an elected representative acts with good faith and with complete integrity for the good of the people (I am NOT necessarily referring to some of the local officials in City or County Government at this time). Often times, it is that very elected representative that is most misunderstood and considered an enemy of the public that he was trying to help.

Gee Guy himself might point out that open opportunity and freedom to express opposition and criticism is, for some very fundamental reasons, a good thing. I can even actually acknowledge some of the reasons for some of the nay sayers opposition.

Is there maybe "something in it" for Gee Guy and/or David? Sure. Its not a secret from the blogs that there is strong or at least some disatisfication with local government...they want to change what they currently don't like. Duh.

It is disheartening to me that there isnt a more collective enthusiasm about this event and the significant amount of time, consideration and effort that it had to take to make it happen. Gee Guy and David, whether or not you like this ordeal, really deserve some appreciation for this effort.

Actually, "effort" is an
inadequate term, because truly, its much more...its an engagement of the public in a local election process. No matter which side of the fence you might be on with this, its a very good foundation for some participation in this community.

So, those of you in opposition, quit blowing a bunch of time bitching on this site and instead
try to come up with some constructive questions and work WITH these guys....the end goal is the same ..so why not try? Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

stevemac said...

I to do not understand those who complain about the work some one else is doing. I would like to thank all of those who are working on this project. I would not have done things the same way, but I did not do the work. To all of the whinners, JUST SHUTUP, or sponsor a debate of your own, your way. Thanks again, this is an excellent example of democracy in action and why this country has been and will always be the greatest country in the world.