Debate Team

I met with the coach and members of the CMR Debate Team yesterday.

I was extremely pleased with the enthusiasm they demonstrated toward this event. These are smart young people, and they know what they are doing. I am very glad we asked them to be a part of this event.

They will assist with developing a format. There will be time limits on responses, just like a real debate. Also, we are going to work hard to develop a way for candidates to question other candidates about their positions. It seems to us that we can learn an awful lot about a candidate not only from his or her answers, but the way he or she approaches the consideration of the other positions.

They will assist with developing the questions to be asked. This is not because the questions will be "censored" as some have said. It is to ensure that the topic areas are presented in a concise, reasoned fashion that will be easily understood by candidates and audience alike. It will also help to ensure that the questions can be answered. Directly, and not through long, evasive ramblings.

We also plan to allow a certain number of students to attend this event for free. We're still working on the criteria. Since we have no idea about attendance numbers, we do not know if we have the ability to just allow all students to attend.

I am very pleased with the level of commitment I saw from these guys. This will be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

GeeGuy & Greater Falls

As a member of the Great Falls community, I can only express my thanks and gratitude for what you are trying to accomplish! This is an outstanding attempt to accomplish what, as far as I’m concerned, something that should be undertaken. I can sympathize with you for the lack of appreciation that has been expressed by some. I also have to say it is quite a reflection on those folks. (Do they ever read what they say)?

Any first time event will have its problems and pit falls and that is to be expected. With you both, I can only hope all are minor ones.

Wishing you both much success and will be seeing you there !!¡¡

Anonymous said...

Bravo Geeguy and Greater Falls....Democracy is messy...and noisy...so says the Tribune, but
I've not seen any action yet from
them and TV stations, huh?

As they say, 'no good deed goes unpunished'..hang in there!!!