Format Change

Oh, one more thing. As noted below, I met with members of the CMR Debate Team yesterday. I almost forgot to mention one more detail.

There has been criticism about the manner of voting for the 'winner' of the debate. People have suggested that it will create a mere "popularity contest" with groups of supporters voting for their favorite candidates.

In order to inject some objectivity into the process, there will be a second vote. The Debate Team will create its own ballot, and will judge the debate on a more technical basis, something along the lines of what they are judged on in their meets.

Thus, we might well have two winners. The popular winner and the technical winner. And if both are the same person, I might suggest that we will have a clear winner.


mary jolley said...

I was thinking yesterday to whom I would want my "winnings" to go if I won any. And I had just about decided on the Debate Team. No kidding. I hope this does not influence their evaluations.

If they say they would rather not have the money - then it goes to the Rescue Mission.

GeeGuy said...

If I wasn't clear, let me clarify.

There will be two votes. The one who gets the most popular votes will also get the $10.00 per vote.

The second vote will be more formal and based on debating criteria. It will bear no impact on who gets funds. So there will be no 'conflict of interest.'

WolfPack said...

Mary Jolley- What's with the implication that the money from people who support you is some how dirty and needs to be discreetly disposed of? It was given to you with a particular intent and should be used accordingly. It takes money to run a race same as it takes money to rent a room. The only money that should go to charity here is that of those folks who vote for “none of the above”. Geeguy- Will that be an option?

mary jolley said...

Dear Wolfpack
I in no way think money is dirty. I did not mean to imply anything. I have filed campaign documents that state I will spend no more than $500.00 on this campaign - that's my money and other people's. I know it takes money to win a campaign. I have spent thousands on a campaign before. I also do not have a fear of asking people for money. I just don't feel like spending thousands of dollars on this race. I have no idea how the ran will turn out. Last race I ran I spent more than I could afford of my own money. I want people to support me by voting for me.

Anonymous said...

St. Thomas More, pray for us.

Anonymous said...

The debates are vital and it's Democracy in action as to the 'fine tuning' and 'hat's off' to the organizers, at least they are taking ACTION...having input from our young citizens on debate team tremendous and brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Mary Jolley - She set her own spending limit $500.

A candidate with a refreshing take on running a campaign...one that makes sense to me.