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Well, Holy Hal has taken a shot at me again. You'll remember that the last time I took his shot, I invited him over: "Come on to ECW and identify yourself. Tell us who and what you are. Then participate in the discussion. If you feel you are treated with disrespect, if you feel denigrated and demeaned, you let me know. I will do something about it."

This time, he commented on a link someone posted to this site: "Again with the right wing casino-owning lawyer? This guy hates any kind of government, but claims he can't "out" the County on issues. What sort of agenda does he have? I bet he works for Northwestern and PPL. No credibility whatsoever IMHO."

First of all, Hal, I cannot comment on your chosen profession, or lack thereof, because you are anonymous.

Second, I don't hate any kind of government. That's a lie. I do think that government in our country has grown far beyond what the framers ever intended. I do think that, in facing a future of competition with our most dangerous economic rival, China, our government is tending toward eliminating the one inherent advantage that we have over the rival: Freedom.

Third, I don't think I ever said that I "can't 'out' the County on issues." I think I said that I will write about what I want to write about. And I do.

Fourth, he pays me high praise. Not only am I a lawyer, and do I run casinos, I also work for Northwestern Energy and PPL. Wrong, Holy Hal. Neither.

So, I will re-extend my invitation. Come on over and let's discuss local government. Then you and I can gauge each other's credibility on the issues.


Anonymous said...

Holy Hal seems to typify the spirit of hate speech and disinformation.

Like any religious zealot he seems to set himself up a dictator as his greatest claim to fame.

Could he be Gollie? or Ollie?

Funny how the Trib never seems to "out" anyone from the extreme left socialist party.

Anonymous said...

"Holy Hal" exemplifies oxymoron

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Holy Hal's critisims of Gee Guy and I don't agree with his taking shots. But, it's sort of true what he said about Gee Guy not "outing" the County on certain issues.

In response to one of my comments regarding Gee Guy's undeserved praise to the County for their process in correcting their zoning regulations, Gee Guy posted that for "personal reasons" he was not going to explore the County issues in the same manner and zeal that he does City matters.

That struck my curiousity at the time and yes, it frustrated me to some degree because I, apparently unlike Gee Guy, have some very strong opposing views of the direction in County government right now. However, I respected the post for what Gee Guy said.."personal reasons" seem to me, well..personal..private. It was upfront of him that he simply said so.

This is his blog, he can write about or not write about whatever he chooses. Readers don't have to agree, and are invited to comment accordingly. It's a fair and equitable arrangement. So, taking shots at the guy because you have different views demonstrates an underdeveloped ability to effectively communicate which further demonstrates an underdeveloped intelligence.

GeeGuy said...

I appreciate that, anonymous.

And you raise a very salient point. Anyone who does not like what I do can certainly make it known in the comments or start his or her own blog.

Anonymous said...

I can completely understand GeeGuy's decision to not spend a lot of time researching County Government. I spend better than 20 hours a week in my spare time just trying to keep track of City Government - that is for Dillon. Great Falls has a much more complicated system, far more people and the issues are far larger. I can't even imagine trying to take on County Government, City Government and keep a full time job. Anyone that thinks they can is welcome to try. Start your own blog (it is simply and free if you want...) and show us how it is done...


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that holy hal is an "extreme leftist socialist" as the first poster mentions. I have never seen hal take such a position. But he is a coward to take shots at Gee Guy the way he does without identifying himself. I personally don't pay too much attention to guy because he doesn't appear to be too bright. He really adds nothing to the conversations.