We are... Coal 'tards

Nice tip from anonymous yesterday regarding a recent article in the Billings Gazette (Highwood plant has objectors within co-op membership).

"The Highwood Generating Station is proposed to be built in Great Falls. But the major share of its energy will power the 35,000 meters of the Yellowstone Valley Electric Co-op, the Beartooth Electric Co-op, the Fergus Electric Co-op, the Mid Yellowstone Electric Co-op and the Tongue River Electric Co-op.

Currently, the Highwood proposal awaits decisions on two lawsuits. More importantly, however, the plant awaits a decision on a loan request from the national Rural Electric Service.

Dave Grimland, another Beartooth member and resident of Columbus, views Highwood as a financial white elephant. He and his wife, Kathleen Ralph, say the coal-fired plant could soon be outdated - perhaps even before it's completed.

Arleen Boyd, a Fishtail resident and member of the Beartooth Co-op, questions why Highwood should even be considered for government loans. Boyd reasons that much of the projected increase in demand for electricity comes from new subdivisions and expensive trophy homes - and not the family farms and ranches that were the original mission of rural cooperatives. She also takes issue with co-ops nationwide, which have pressured Congress to exempt themselves from any clean energy requirements that may be instituted."
The Billings area is growing and needs power but not more pollution. Hey, here's an idea ... let's ship our coal to Great Falls. They will burn it there and keep the pollutants, then send the energy back to us. They are such doormats there. We may even be able to send up a bunch of our workers to build the thing.

I predict that if Gregori and Lawton pull this off, they will both end up with trophy homes in new subdivisions in Red Lodge.


Anonymous said...

"The need for Highwood only continues to grow," Gregori said.

Sure it does. Investors are getting anxious and someone's rear is on the line to produce.

It's been said for quite some time, Gregori and Lawton are in this, they are pushing it for personal gain, and the City Commissioners and Mayor are getting something from this, too.

Follow the money, I bet we'll find it's all illegal as hell. Nobody pushes as hard as these folks unless they've already taken something and now must produce.

Anonymous said...

Oh maybe on an island in Flathead Lake just like Booby Gannon! And you're right. Methinks that grerori doth push too much! Sumthin' stinks to high heaven now. Ya know, whenever I see timmy, he REMINDS me a lot of Booby Gannon! Sumthin' about the oiliness of the two!


Anonymous said...

Their criminality will be exposed.

Citizens of Great Falls have been rear ended by these small time con artists long enough. Plenty of horny inmates await to return the favor. Only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Can we speculate what job awaits the city manager after his departure? If he's smart, he'll leave this mess far behind him...