Confirmed Debaters

Below are the Mayoral and City Commission candidates. Those who have accepted our invitation are in bold type. I sent another invitation yesterday to the four who have not contacted us yet. If you know them, please encourage them to attend.


Susan Kahn
Dona Stebbins
Ed McKnight
Larry Steele

City Commission:

Mary Jolley
Stuart Lewin
Diane Jovick-Kuntz
Elna Hensley
Michael Winters
Bill Bronson


Anonymous said...

Be sure to have empty chairs for the two missing incumbents with their pictures on the table.

They are serious about getting re-elected, right?

GeeGuy said...

I am not going to make fun of the candidates that don't show. If they want to blow off the voters, that's their decision. If they want to blow off high school students, that's their decision.

We'll see if it matters.

Anonymous said...

According to this post at http://myblog.electkahn.com/ Ric Valois took your advice and put together a debate. A free town hall meeting with the candidates Oct 20th, at the University of Great Falls.

Two debates next week. Way cool!

Anonymous said...

And its our decision to blowe them off on election day. Permanently.

GFgirl said...


You mentioned that four have not yet confirmed their attendance. I count three that have not been bolded: Dona Stebbins, Diane Jovick-Kuntz and Michael Winters. Perhaps just a miscount?

GeeGuy said...

My bad. It's fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Is there a spay neuter clinic that night? Could also be that SME called a meeting of the team.

Sorry geeguy, I find this an insult. These candidates dare ask for our votes yet they see fit to stand you and the public up. This is for them to show what they are about.

No show, no vote.

Those with the records must already know something the rest of the voters have not said yet.