Debate Update...Uh...Update

We have another confirmed debater.

City Commission candidate, Michael Winters, has confirmed that he will attend.

That leaves Larry Steele and our two incumbents, Dona Stebbins and Diane Jovick-Kuntz.


Anonymous said...

My prediction, the bottom three vote getters in this race.

Dick Morris

GFgirl said...

I wish I could agree with you, Mr. Morris, but in the case of the incumbents, I’m not so sure.

Not all voters are informed nor do all voters go out of their way to become so. Not everyone is attending commission meetings or watching the proceedings on TV. Not everyone is viewing GeeGuy’s blog to get information and updates on the issues that are NOT making the radar screen of the local media, and not everyone is reading or watching what little is being reported on by the media. Not everyone will be attending the debates.

Not all of the candidates are household names, and unfortunately, this seems to be one of the more low key elections I can remember in almost 30 years of voting. We are 26 days away from election day and I have only seen two political signs. My husband has seen six and five belong to the incumbents. Nobody has gotten themselves “out there” and this is not a good thing if you are trying to unseat the incumbents. If people are not informed but want to vote anyway, are they going to vote for the names they recognize or a stranger?

Somebody told me a friend was going to vote for the incumbents because they didn’t know much about the others, and besides, “Dona already knows what’s going on in the city” or words to that effect. How many voters feel the same way or simply don’t care?

I’m not convinced the incumbents are on the way out.

Anonymous said...

But the word on the street is that people ARE paying attention. During the summer, I had the chance to talk to many, many people. I was absolutley amazed at the number of people who were outraged at the proposed coal plant. I believe that even if people aren't watching the city council meetings, they KNOW the major issue in this race, the coal plant. And secondarily, they KNOW that donna is having people removed and arrested for speaking out. These two issues alone will be enough to get them voted out. People don't like being bullied either by a tinhorn mayor, or a huge corporation.


GFgirl said...

I hope so.