Debate Format

After meeting with the CMR Debate team a couple times, we have devised a format for the debate.

As you can see, this format will be best suited for an in-depth consideration of a few issues, rather than a cursory study of many. There will be other formats, including the Tribune's, that will offer, perhaps, a broader insight into the candidates' positions.

Introduction-Moderator: Channing Hartelius will explain the format and introduce the candidates. 5 minutes total.

Candidate Introduction: Each candidate will be allowed 2 minutes to introduce themselves, and will be asked to focus on biographical, rather than political, content. In other words, it might be like a resume'. Where are you from, where did you go to school, what have you done. Total time: 14 minutes total.

Question. Each candidate will have 2 minutes to answer each question. 14 minutes total.

After all candidates have answered the question, each candidate will then have 30 seconds to ask ONE other candidate a question or questions. 3.5 minutes total.

The candidate asked will then have up to 1.5 minutes to respond to the question. 10.5 minutes total.

The moderator will have 3 optional minutes for follow-up after each question as he may choose to use it.

Each question will then run approximately 31 minutes total.

Closing Statement: Each candidate will have 1.5 minutes to give a closing statement. 10.5 minutes total.

The audience will select a winner by ballot and $10.00 donation. The CMR Debate Team will also select a winner based on more structured criteria. (Their ballot will be available to the candidates before the debate.)

A member of the Debate Team will time the debate's segments.


mary jolley said...

Thank you a all, CMR, Channing and Geeguy.

Anonymous said...

Ditto.........it's ironic but fitting that our young citizens are helping change the 'status quo' and we should be encouraged by their example and I applaud their teachers for displaying civic virtue.