I can't say it any better.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it a "shining a VERY bright light on it" event.

Why is it leftwing lemmings shine a light and the public lemmings jump off the cliff into their rhetoric?

Anonymous said...


Bush to Children: DROP DEAD

Anonymous said...

FAQs about SCHIP:

For research papers and charts on SCHIP

SCHIP expansion 'crowds out' private health plans.

Q: Would the bill expanding SCHIP, if signed into law, displace private health coverage?

A: Yes. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated the extent to which Congress' expansion of SCHIP would displace, or “crowd out,” private insurance.

CBO projected that 5.8 million children would be covered through SCHIP or Medicaid, but 2 million of them would be moved from private plans. And of 1.2 million children newly eligible through SCHIP expansion, about half -- 600,000 kids -- otherwise would have had private coverage.

The Heritage Foundation did a study based on an extended version of methodology developed by Jonathan Gruber, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is a leading expert on the “crowd-out” effect.

The Heritage study found that, in general, for every 100 children newly eligible for SCHIP, 30 to 35 children would lose private coverage. The study also found that for every 100 newly eligible children in families making two to three times the federal poverty level, 44 to 51 children would lose private coverage.


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