Who's on First-Part II

I thought this comment was worth a post after SME's lawyer blamed poor legal drafting on lack of internet access:

Funny, I spent one month in the UK, from John o'Groats to Hastings and didn't have ONE PROBLEM GETTING INTERNET ACCESS. It was EVERYWHERE.

I even plugged into the car and the laptop functioned.

What is he talking about? No internet.

No truth.

I laughed.

Sort of.


Anonymous said...

You got to figure this guy thinks to himself, self those fools in Great Falls have bought into this coal plant deal already. OK, I was hungover and detailed review was the last thing on my mind. But hell, they will never know the difference. As far as they know the UK only has dial up and 300 baud and surely they will understand.

Yup, they will buy that too. And they did. Down comes the rubber stamp!

mary jolley said...

In answer to a question about what will happen if the plant is not built, Mr Gregori said, "Well we'll just buy power. I've been in this business since 1979."
Sounds like what the plant opponents were saying, just buy power, like the former co-op partners are doing. Do the pronouncments in the FEIS that building the plant was the only way to service their members ring true or does what Mr. Gregori says now ring true?
What is a con man? I think it is some one who has a ready answer for everything and those answers are ever changing.