Anybody who reads the news in this town knows we have a group of self-righteous, morally indignant busybodies running around and monopolizing our City Commission meetings in their zest to do away with the awful casinos.

Now you may or may not gamble, but the fact is that the people of Montana, acting through their legislature, made small-stakes gaming legal, something that cannot be said for prostitution.

So why am I the only one that seems to question why we have at least two brothels operating in this community. (Click here and scroll down to the Great Falls entries. Warning: Adult Content!) If I had to guess, I would say that someone is getting their palmed greased, literally and figuratively.

But more interesting to me is the fact that our moral zealots attack local businessmen, operating legally, who pay good wages and high taxes. How could those who are so much holier than thou and I overlook these obvious dens of iniquity? One can only guess that, perhaps, some of our local moral guardians fear that their names might show up in the wrong places.

Update: What timing. Our soon-to-be former Mayor has a fawning little article in the Tribune this morning. In the article, he attacks casinos. Gosh, Mayor, you had 10 years and you couldn't figure out how to get rid of these openly illegal businesses? But you want to shut down the casinos?

Wait! I know how to get rid of the brothels! Let's let Mayor Gray and Manager Lawton run them! They'll be broke in a year and a half!


ZenPanda said...

The entries for GF are dated 2 yrs ago. (Not that there have not been rumors about the places listed for most of my adult life)

GeeGuy said...

Oh, I recognize that they're a bit dated. Have you seen or read anything indicating a recent change in business practices?

Treasure State Jew said...

I really don't know that there is any way to permanently shut down businesses like these. My suspicion is that you shut down one establishment, and another will spring up before too long.

As I discussed during the municipal election, the real answer here is an increased priority on law, order and community policing. We have too few cops on patrol at any one time.

While there will always be examples of lawbreaking, we have real problems in Cascade County. Most of those problems stem from the meth trade.

I challenge our city and county commissions to redouble their efforts to make this a priority. Will it be expensive? Sure. One way to do it without breaking the bank would be to make efforts to share duties between the police and Sherriff's department.

I, for one, would support increased municipal taxes if I could be sure that the money would go directly to more cops and patrol cars.

GeeGuy said...

TSJ: My beef isn't so much with the businesses, as it is with the rank hypocrisy of those who would presume to be our moral guardians.

Anonymous said...

When is Waahhn-dy Gray going to stop whining about the casinos? He is still blaming THEM for his loss in the election. Hey stupid, it's the VOTERS!

a-fire-fly said...

Ah, Gee, I maybe shouldn't admit I know this, but both business mentioned are still ah, Open for Business. And no, I do not know that through personal experience.

WolfPack said...

I agree with TSJ. The meth problem is huge. I am the parent of three and spend very little time worrying that my children will get involved with gambling, alcohol or tobacco. I do however worry about them being exposed to meth. It seems like city recourses are disproportionately focused on the small problems. Much effort (sting operations) goes towards keeping 19 and 20 year olds out of bars but little is done controlling house parties were 12-20 year olds participate. I also suspect that all the focus on alcohol has pushed some 19 and 20 year olds towards meth. Preventing these working age citizens from getting into bars has been a priority for our police which leaves these in between age kids with house parties as their main place to socialize. This is also the most likely place to be exposed to drugs. I think we are better off with these young adults being allowed in a controlled public place to experiment with alcohol verses hiding out in private parties where the whole spectrum of illegal substances is available.

Treasure State Jew said...

Wolfpack; During the municipal election one of the commision candidates, Ryan Burke, was pushing for a 25% increase in the size of the police department. I was supporting him for that reason.

I don't think he lost for that stance. I think he lost because he did an extremely bad job getting out his message. You had to really dig to find out his stances.

For that reason, I don't view his loss as a repudiation of the idea that we need a bigger police force. I think that the people in Great Falls would support it.

Now, we just need to figure out how to pay for it.

GeeGuy said...

I think he lost because he was unable to distinguish himself from the incumbents. When the Trib does their little question and answer, and your answers are the same as the incumbents' answers, you're not really giving anyone a reason to vote for you.

Too bad, too, because I thought Burke was a helluva good choice.