Just in case you didn't know.

George Clooney is a liberal.


Anonymous said...

Not only that, but he's an over-rated actor.



The Raving Norseman said...

I don't have a problem with Clooney being a liberal, because we need all kinds to make this system work. I have a problem with Clooney being an idiot about being a liberal.

Like many of the Hollywood left, he demands that one set of standards be applied to him and another to the rest of us. My favorite example was from a couple of years ago when he was offering "advice" (in the form of gossamer-thin blather in movie press junkets) to the military leadership and the administration regarding what he thought should be done in Iraq. That's all fine and good; but a few weeks later at a film festival, when a reporter questioned his judgement in making Solaris, Clooney went ballistic and gave the reporter a rather severe dressing down for daring to criticize without having direct experience in filmmaking. He bemoaned the fact that just anyone could comment on his profession without having to walk a mile in his shoes. What a doofus.

He's also a doofus for writing a shallow screed about what he stands for --which is really about what he's not for-- and referencing his Oscar-winning political film on a site which carries a banner ad for said film --quite by coincidence, I'm sure, on the day before its release to video!-- and somehow thinking we'd take his blather for anything but a sales pitch. Yeah, George, you're courageous and smart!