Park and Recreation Director

Well, I finally have to shut up. The City has hired a new Park and Recreation Director. I hope he's a whiz at budgeting and forecasting, because we'll sure need that.

City Manager Lawton, referring to interim Director, Patty Reardon, said "Patty has done a very fine job keeping things together." Huh?

No offense to Patty Reardon, but given the thousands of dollars we have spent on swimming consultants and golf consultants, only to arrive with this mess and that mess, I think the word shambles might apply.

Being your friend does not a fine job make.


Anonymous said...

Patty and the new director might make a "great team". Patty has done well in other positions under department heads.

GeeGuy said...

Double Entendre alert!

Double Entendre alert!

WolfPack said...

Now that's funny. Well, maybe not to her Ex.