County Zoning

The County is again booting their zoning regulations. "It needs to be done right," said County Commissioner, Lance Olson.

I agree.

I, for one, sincerely appreciate the County's effort to make sure we emerge from the process with a cohesive, sensible set of rules. I appreciate that they are taking the time to get it "done right."

Thanks to Commissioners Olson, Briggs and Beltrone.


Anonymous said...

Ditto -

And I don't think your acknowledging people correcting mistakes is a bad thing.

You will do the same for the City Commissioners when they choose to take a balanced approach to efficiency in spending taxpayer dollars.

Peggy Beltrone said...

Thank you.
We believe in participatory democracy.
This 1927 quote from John Dewey is one of my favorites.
"The shoemaker may know how to fix the shoe, only the one wearing it knows where it pinches."
Despite the challenges, we strive to keep the public center in our process.

GeeGuy said...

I sincerely believe that, Commissioner Beltrone.