I just realized my last post sounded like the Tribune editorial board of late.

Bland, congratulatory, and meaningless.




Anonymous said...

You noticed that too, huh? The trib is pathetic any more. Ya know, I KNOW that Moseman is capable of writing great editorials, as was Newhouse, who recieved a freakin' Pulitzer cryin' out loud. The question must be asked WHY are they not allowed to write anything except bland crap?! I cancelled my subscription once already, and I guess I'll have to do it for good one of these days. But I miss reading the local events calendar. I no longer read it for news. None there.


Joe Briggs said...


While I would certainly say the Tribune editorial dealing with the new Motor Vehicle Licensing system and your post regarding the zoning regulations were far from earth shattering, I would not characterize them as meaningless.

Morale is an important element in the performance of all organizations and Cascade County is no different in its need for positive reinforcement. Unlike the private sector where there are tools to monetarily reward and encourage employee performance, the public sector is largely void of these tools. As a result, a congratulatory comment, an “atta boy” or a simple thank you take on a heightened value in building morale.

Public recognition of our staff’s efforts by an outside source such as the Tribune or your blog is greatly appreciated and so I sincerely hope your readers will be tolerant of an occasional softball post.

Joe Briggs

Anonymous said...

A newspaper's job is to boost the morale of the county employees??? Hmmm. And we in the public who BUY the newspapers get to FUND these little attaboys with our subscriptions???? Hmmm. Joe, I KNOW that you make one HELLUVA lot more money than MOST of us who read the Trib. So, a half-page ad is only bout five hundred bucks or so. Why don't YOU put your OWN attaboy in there and let the trib become something OTHER than the poor excuse for a high school newspaper that it's become. Sorry, but we ALL have to do our jobs without attaboys paid by someone else occasionally. That's just life!! Oh, by the way, the Trib now has coppers corner, trooper tips, fireman corner, etc. Since they're gonna downhill fast, why don't you ask them for a county corner???!!! Ya know, us actual newshounds just can't get enough fluff in our diets now-a-days! Fluff they say cleans out the brain like ruffage. And shoot, everyone knows that government prefers constituents with clean brains!


GeeGuy said...

Larry, I'm going to call Bulls*t on this one.

Commissioner Briggs came on here, by name, and made a reasonable point. You might not agree with it, but it was not per se unreasonable. I have no problem whatsoever with the elected leaders of Cascade County posting a comment in defense of the people who work for the County.

Yet you feel the need to attack him. Because he thinks it is reasonable for the Tribune to commend good government once in a while, you take offense to that and suggest he should buy an ad himself to accomplish the same end? Did you stop to think that, just perhaps, he already makes an effort to do a good job and encourage that in others? Such as reading the local blogs and making comments in support of County employees?

Hmmm, maybe Wolfpack had a point. Maybe it is wise for Mayor Stebbins to stay away. I wouldn't want to debate you, either, LK, and not because I am afraid I am no match for you.

The fundamental point of my post, though, is still defensible. The Tribune editorial board spends an awful lot of time with bland, congratulatory or observational posts, while refusing to advocate hard on more important issues in the community.

I am tolerant of the "occasional softball," Commissioner Briggs, but I think the Tribune is beyond that. They go so far to avoid offending the powers that be that it is dang near journalistic malpractice.

But that's just my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Gee, Gee Guy, I didn't think I was THAT harsh. My bad. I stand corrected. I meant no offense to Joe. I was just pokin' a little fun. I think Joe knows that. Actually, it's the trib I take offense at.


Anonymous said...


It's not what you say, It's what people hear.

That's why some of us keep asking you to rethink the way you post because your message keeps getting lost.

A friend.

GeeGuy said...

Larry, it wasn't that harsh. But it is counterproductive to invite public officials to a dialogue and then hack on 'em when they get here.

I know Joe, and he's a good guy. He can take it. I think, though, that we should all respect the effort, at least in tone.

Anonymous said...

I just wish we had a real newspaper in town. USAToday extra skinny low fat ala Tribune is so thin and fluffy it blows off my porch when a bird flies by.. well, the Sunday edition holds down cause its full of ads.

They need to strap a rock to it to hold it down. At least I would get something of value.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Gee Guy appreciates the County taking the time to "get it done right." The finally "doing it right" is not motivated by their own diligence! A lawsuit was filed!! Remember?

This goody two shoe crap we're hearing from Briggs and Olson is merely a tactic to divert attention from their poor and politically unpopular decisions regarding the coal plant rezone.

Beltrone, (who voted against the rezone for the coal plant), works extremely hard for the taxpayers and in my opinion is a remaining hope as far as that board is concerned. Its a thankless position and her countless contributions to this City, County and State is a topic for another day.

But come on, please. Don't let Briggs' well worded and seemingly grateful blog fool you. He and Olson seem to have very little interest in acknowledging the hard working employees of County Government. Give me a break here, Joe. In fact, there most certainly are ways that the Commission could build morale, without large expenditures of money. The Board simply chooses not to, preferring rather, a good old boy system. Perhaps Briggs and Olson can begin building morale by refraining from retaliating against and ostracizing the well intentioned support staff that has worked so hard to keep them from repeatedly screwing up stuff like this in the first place!!

They ignore the warnings that failing to comply with statutory procedural processes will one day potentially result in lawsuits. But, who cares about that until it happens, right? And on the occassion when they do choose to do what is required: the employee is treated poorly for calling it to light.

Ultimately, the County Commission is now finally doing what they were suppose to do in the first place, ONLY because a lawsuit was filed against them. Olson and Briggs were and perhaps are or are not still, very strong proponents of the coal plant project. In order to meet the end of a project in which they were in favor, they intentionally disregarded the public process required by law. Consequently, a suit was filed and now they have to go back and correct their intentional errors and in that process are now clouding the issue with this bulls*** lip service that they care about doing something right. The only reason this matters to them now is because given the strong public opposition regarding the coal plant, they are under a public spotlight.

Gee Guy, you should be as persistent in examining the County Commission and its "public processes" and issues as your are in examining the City Commission issues.

In light of this lengthy rant of mine, I suppose there will be plenty who consider me the crackpot..

Anonymous said...

Please note, THAT WAS NOT ME!


(but a fine rant none-the-less!)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the responsibility of the county Attorney/counsel to get it right?

Critics claim Beltrone is alleged to have voted against it not because she is some great legal scholar.

Seems there's a city/county attorney competency problem or maybe Peggy is that smart and will run for County Attorney next time.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: In light of this lengthy rant of mine, I suppose there will be plenty who consider me the crackpot..
6:10 PM, July 26, 2007

UH, yeah...Where's your evidence?

WolfPack said...

The thing that makes anonymous a crackpot is that he/she puts all the blame on the two new guys and gives the long timer a pass for long standing procedural problems with the county. Beltrone has been a commissioner for 10 years longer than Briggs. Crackpots are people whose agenda means more to them than making any sense.

Anonymous said...

"Crackpots" then would apply to people who repeatedly, & without fail, promote & support county & city government personnel who engage in stupidly & blatantly pursuing personal pet agendas, projects & programs that the voters have stated they don't want.
It would also apply, very aptly, to those county & city officials of all ilks who promote their private, personal pet agendas, projects & programs that the voters have stated they don't want.

WolfPack said...


Anonymous said...

Quote: "Crackpots" then would apply to people ... who promote their private, personal pet agendas, projects & programs that the voters have stated they don't want.

ROFLOL. How true!