A commenter posted this:

But you who seek to give and merit fame,
And justly bear a critic's noble name,
Be sure yourself and your own reach to know
How far your genius taste and learning go.
Launch not beyond your depth, but be discreet
And mark that point where sense and dullness meet.

I thought that was well put, at least in my case. I do try to stick within things I can know or discover. If I am guessing about something, I'll tell you. If I do not have a link to a source document, I'll tell you why.

For example, in my post about the City's contractual arrangements, I am correct on the record. In other words, there was no legal obligation for the City to post security in the amount of $1,400,000.00, at least not on the documents that have been made public. If there are other documents or side agreements that would explain the transaction, but are simply not public, well, they should be.

So, anonymous commenter, I agree your point is well-taken. But I might also suggest that if you have a criticism, please make it directly so I can respond. The post from 1709 was a little...vague.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Pope was talking about LITERARY criticism! I doubt that it's too relevant to this forum. Unless of course we consider our writing to be literary masterpieces, which I do! And if I remember correctly, Pope had some unkind words for Shakespeare and his use of contrived plots! So, we're not it too bad of company!


Anonymous said...

Pope on Shakespeare: "It must be own'd that with all these great excellencies he has almost as great defects". That be me.


Anonymous said...


Made not directly to anyone but as food for thought. It was my small effort to bring balance to the civility discussion. We are many critics here.

What others understand and WE can reasonably do seems an efficient course for "we" to pursue.

Anonymous said...

I thought the "point were sense and dullness meet" was about moving on to solutions.

Besides voting people out of office is there another solution?