Plank Three

Term limits for City Managers. One contract, five years with one possible two year renewal: maximum 7 years.

(Plank One and Plank Two.)


Anonymous said...

I dont think there will be any City Managers staying more than 5 years in the future anyway. Lawton was the exception, not the rule. In most other cities in Montsna, the position is a revolving door.

WolfPack said...

Great idea! After enough time with one manager has passed, you know where rank and file city employees start to place their allegiance. The thought being mayors and commissioners come and go but Lawton is forever.

Anonymous said...

But so are many city employees "forever..."

Many people build careers working in an array of bureaucratic positions.

what will one do for paycheck stability and security If one only ever works in a taxpaid job?

Just like the corporate world, some taxpaid employees move within government offices to earn more money and solidify power or prestige.