I am really starting enjoy Jacob Sullum's pieces. Here is a good piece on the economics of cigarette smoking.

I, too, have always wondered about cigarette taxes. It seems like many cigarette smokers are low income, and I just don't see them cutting back smoking because the costs go up. In fact, when standing at the counter in a convenience store, I am often amazed that someone will walk in, pay 5 bucks for a pack of smokes, then go climb into a ratty old car with 2 kids in it.

I know, I know, it's only empirical.

Anyway, I like Sullum's writing. And he is going to allow me to reprint one of his articles for free in the Offline Version coming up!


Anonymous said...

Three States Approve Higher Tobacco Taxes

Montana: By 65 percent to 35 percent, voters increased the state cigarette tax by $1 to $1.70 per pack and dedicated some of the revenue to health care programs. The measure also increased the tax on other tobacco products.

Anonymous said...

This is one tax that the payer has a choice on! I Quit....