Who you calling preposterous?

I guess that's us. We're a "preposterous mass of shut-ins." Or are we "losers blogging from [our] mother's basements?"


Anonymous said...

Present and accounted for.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone, not GeeGuy...but just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water....Oh yeah...there are some preposterous posts placed in this forum....

Anonymous said...

I am in my dining room with my wireless connected notebook. I would have to go our friend's house to be in a basement lol.

Anonymous said...

This caused me to wonder how much carnage there will be when RN and others get through cleansing the city?

Anonymous said...

"For this is the true strength of guilty kings,
Whey they corrupt the souls of those the rule" (Matthew Arnold)

What ARE you afraid of? Good government? Open government? Citizens participating in government?
No one is proposing Christians and Lions. Your hyperbole leads me to think that you've "stock" in the city commissioners, police, etc.
Beware, GF citizens! Be afraid - be very afraid! Oooooh - carnage!
Oh, well, if mind-control doesn't work, try fear. Stalin found it effective. RN

Anonymous said...

Quote: if mind-control doesn't work, try fear...

Your own brand of hyperbole included?:

we need to send a clear message to all that we do not condone what is happening and will not tolerate or retain in office those that participate in these kinds of actions against the public.

....make certain that this doesn't repeat.

....really dig in the dirt of each involved person,

....stop offering civility to these crooks

....I will see what comes of my effort.

....I'll even offer to pitch in the first $100 to begin a collection to pay moving expenses for all the city administrators...so they can go live someplace that actually condones and rewards the basest political, personal and professional behaviors and misbehaviors we seen...

Like where?

Anonymous Poster #4 ~ ignoring Sein oder Seine Kampf...while searching for facts

Ciao Baby