Plank Four

All work sessions, Commission meetings, committee meetings, and agenda meetings will be shot on video and uploaded to YouTube.

(Plank One, Plank Two, and Plank Three.)


Anonymous said...

There are other people who have used taping government workers to keep meetings and record keeping honest.

Taping keeps false commentaries from twisting facts in written records.

Anonymous said...

Videos would be mighty boring with our rubber stampers saying motion passes every 3 minutes.

I\'m waiting for the trials.

Anonymous said...

Is coverage of meetings getting a special 'edit' now? I wonder..
watch the commission, make sure
they're not going to 'ditch'
TV coverage........and our city
can model ourselves after Billings, which has very THOROUGH
minutes for the public to examine..

When does an edit become censorship?

Anonymous said...

Depends on who's doing the editing...

Anonymous said...

don't forget to tape different angles to get the speaker, who they are speaking to and the audience.